5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Online Dating Profile

Are you tired of the single’s bar scene and tired of well meaning couples trying to set you up on dates? Maybe it is time you tried an online dating profile. There is no real contact and if you don’t like what you see out there on the web, you can always just delete your profile and move on. So how do you make a profile that will grab attention in a way you want without embarrassment and humiliation? – Keep one thought in your head and you should be fine; make sure anyone, including your grandmother, can read the profile without needing their eyes washed out with detergent.

Five Basic Steps & How to Avoid some Common Pitfalls

Your Profile Picture

The profile picture is essential. Regardless, of your feelings on the matter of physical beauty, people like pictures when they are reading about a product; and for now you are a product. Make sure your picture is clear, recent and most importantly showcases your face. The opposite sex may be attracted to toned physiques, but nobody needs to see a near naked stranger during the initial meeting. If your mother wouldn’t carry the picture in her wallet, you shouldn’t put it out there for potential dates to judge. Put a nice head-shot of you smiling and let the rest of the profile give them the details.

Likes and Dislikes

Now we move to the likes and dislikes section. This is absolutely not the place to discuss your preferences in the bedroom. You should discuss what you like to do for hobbies or what you would do if you had more time and someone to share it. Always be honest. Why would you lie about liking long walks on the beach, if your favorite thing to do is watch Monday night football? People appreciate honesty and it is far easier to establish a relationship with someone who truly enjoys what you do.

Little About Me

The biography section or “little about me” section is always an interesting one. How much information is too much or too little? A good rule of thumb is, if your closest co-worker doesn’t know it, then don’t talk about it in a profile. In this day and age, where everybody puts everything they do on social networking sites, a little mystery will go along way. Plus, it will give you areas to expand on when you do finally start talking to one of those prospective dates one on one.

Your Tone

In every section of the profile, you need to make sure that your tone is polite and respectful. Do not be one of those negative, demeaning types who just wants to rant and rave about past failed relationships. Be upbeat, be positive and be willing to open your mind to new possibilities. You obviously are already open to new situations, if you are willing to put yourself out there. So don’t blow it, just move forward.

Complete Your Profile

Finally, make sure that you complete the entire profile. If there is a space for you to fill in an answer, do it. You want to show that you are reliable, in addition to being desirable. If you can’t even bother to finish filling out the profile information on yourself, how are prospective dates going to maintain your interest and why should they even try.

Remember, the world is changing and so is dating. With the right tools and the right online profile, you too can find that perfect someone, or at least the one perfect for you.

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