Be2 Review

The character of a person determines the success of that person, be it at the work place, at home or in school.

It is what defines our commitment to the goals we have, our approach to overcoming the obstacles that stand in our way and how we relate to other human beings in that we encounter in our day to day lives.

We as human beings, have different character traits. Our personality differs from that of the person next to us, and that diversity is what makes life what it is.

One of the most important areas that personality plays an important role on how successful we become is the area of the relationships. Research has shown that the personality a person plays a key role on how attractive the opposite sex will find him or her.

We may get attracted to another person and even get into an intimate relationship with them, but how long that relationship lasts or how happy we will be in the relationship wholly depends on our personality and that of the other person. It will all depend on the compatibility of our personality traits.

Be2 is an online dating site that recognizes the role of personality traits in both attraction and sustainability of relationships. All the people who use Be2 are allocated codes rather than using their own aliases or nicknames that they choose for themselves.

It ensures that the members are anonymous so as to make the members focus more on the personality traits of the persons that they may be interested in rather than the particular individual identities of the persons.

This facilitates each of the members focusing on the more important factor which is personality, rather than being influenced by superficial things like hair color, lip size, eye color etc. Therefore, the socialization on Be2 is purely based on the member’s individuality.

Users of Be2 can however be allowed to upload a number of photos to their profiles. To be able to have access to this feature however, one will have to be a fully fledged member, which means that you have to pay a membership fee. It therefore means that one cannot have access to all the features of the site unless one is a fully fledged member. The site is therefore not wholly open to free members.

The search options that the members use to navigate the site are wholly personality based. The members have the option to use either the quick search, or scrolling the list of online partners that match your personality.

By making the search substantially personality based, it makes the members to get to the core of the things that make relationships really work and thereby seemingly reduce the chances of failure when the people involved actually start a relationship together.

Be2 has a color coded system and a simple and easy-to-use interface that makes the search for a partner less stressful.

The site also provides an email which a member can use to contact their customer care and thus guaranteeing the satisfaction of its members at all times.

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