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Is a good dating site?

If you live in the United Kingdom, then you most certainly would have heard of the website It is without a doubt one of the most popular here with television and newspaper advertisements galore. As a result, it has quickly evolved into not only one of the biggest dating sites in the country, but […]

5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Online Dating Profile

Are you tired of the single’s bar scene and tired of well meaning couples trying to set you up on dates? Maybe it is time you tried an online dating profile. There is no real contact and if you don’t like what you see out there on the web, you can always just delete your […]

Why pay for a dating site if you can use a free site?

In the current economy, it would seem that people are tightening their belts every way they can. But is it advisable to choose a free online dating site over a paid dating site. While there are many very good free sites on the internet, let’s go over some of the benefits to using a site […]

Profile Headers that Attract Attention

Whether you have been using an online dating service for some time or just starting out, it is very important that your profile header is engaging and attracting the right kind of attention. Besides your profile picture it is the very first thing at which other members are going to look. Keep a few things […]

Who or What to avoid Online

Dating virtually or dating in the day to day world is a daunting task. There are hurdles to overcome, frogs to kiss, stalkers to avoid and all sorts of other perils. In a face to face situation, you are often able to read a person’s emotions or actions in a way that lets you see […]

Picking a good Profile Picture

So you are a successful, good looking single who has put themselves out there on an internet dating site, yet for some reason you just aren’t generating the interest you could be. What’s the problem?  It could be that your profile picture is not doing a good job campaigning for you. The profile picture is […]

Safe and Happy Online Dating

Online dating is a convenient way of meeting friends and potential soul mates with whom you can share your life with. It is an easy way to get in touch with millions of people all over the world who have different backgrounds and experiences and thus providing a rich experience in terms of socializing. Furthermore, […]

Basics of Online Dating

Your ready to take that next step in finding a partner.  Your looking around and deciding that online dating may be the way to go. Maybe your technically challenged or just so nervous about the whole idea, that you just don’t know where to start. Let’s take a look at some of the very basics […]

How To Write a Personal Ad

When it comes to online dating, your personal ads are very important in terms of either attracting people or turning them away. Good personal ads will therefore lead to more and better responses as compared to a poor personal Ad. There are many tips that one can use to ensure that he or she comes […]