Cupid Review

The internet is one of the major avenues where people get to meet, interact and develop relationships. There have been many online dating sites that have sprung up in the recent past due to the increasing popularity of online dating among various people across the world.

One of the major reasons as to the growing popularity of online dating is the fact that one can conveniently meet a lot of people with different backgrounds who are also seeking to find someone to establish a relationship with.

However, in an attempt to make their services stand out, most of these sites have gone overboard and have ended up complicating the whole dating experience.

Most of the sites that have sprung up subject a user’s to the tiring task of spending hours answering questions about themselves before accessing the dating services that they provide.

This tends to make the experience boring and may be frustrating since some of the questions really have no appropriate answers. Furthermore, they go ahead and claim to match a user to various other users depending on the online generated questionnaires which they claim have been scientifically prepared.

They tend to forget the fact that as much as most people know what they want, they may not know the exact words to put it on paper. This whole process at the end of the day therefore results in mismatching various users and hence a disastrous experience to a user. They also end up the user’s freedom in terms of making choices with regard to people they really want to meet. gives one the freedom to navigate their online database of singles around the globe and does not crowd a person’s judgment when it comes to choosing the person to interact with. It does not create stereotypes, but rather facilitates the meeting of various people around the globe and thereafter gives them the freedom to determine the course of their relationship. By giving its members this freedom, it enables its members to develop various social skills and also to get to discover new things about themselves.

In addition, a member is also given full control as to the personal information that he or she can reveal about themselves to the other members or to a particular individual. This type of control makes the site feel more secure and ensures the privacy of a particular user.

Furthermore, it has a localized search option where a person can search for singles within their areas hence making the increasing the chances of successful relationships developing. This is mainly because it is easier to actually develop a relationship with someone who is not far away and that you can actually get to meet and feel.

Its extensive database also ensures that a person has a wide range of people to choose from which means that one has increased chances of getting the person that will ultimately suit their requirements. With its free search tools and simple communication features, offers the simple but rich dating experience which is totally controlled by the user.

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