FriendsReunited Review The Site for Mates or Dates?

Friends Reunited take pride in advertising that it is the friendliest dating site in UK. This might imply that the site is not just another dating hub, but also an avenue to find a friend, a market which is fully saturated.

However, along with technological advancement, the approach of making new friends has also changed as well and this is the same case with the dating version of Friends Reunited.

The site is developed top help a person to find a soul mate  instead of just a buddy.

The Dating Profile

Making a profile account with Friends Reunited is basically clear-cut. The site will just prompt you with questions that have corresponding drop-down boxes for the possible answers. While some find this straightforward technique hassle free, it is annoying to most.

The answers are basically limited like one question about the member’s sense of humor. The options available are ‘toilet’, ‘childish’, ‘slapstick’, and ‘dry’, not any of which is actually moving. Questions like this should have been given contemplated with much gravity since a lot of single persons are looking at sense of humor as an important criterion when it comes to choosing the right date.

Initiating the Search

Searching is fairly easy with Friends Reunited Dating. Not much reading is necessary whenever quick or advanced searches are launched, basic information will immediately populate the screen. The results can be modified to either display the photos only or with the basic profile. Depending on your preference, you can also launch an instant chat session with other users who are also online as you are.

Poking and Winking

The dating version of Friends Reunited takes winking to whole new interesting level. The user has the capability to send a winking emoticon together with a sentence, either to tell others that you like their profile account or even invite them up for lunch or dinner.

Extra Treats

What’s best with the site’s chat box is that it is strategically located right next to the member’s profile, eliminating the hassle of turning the site upside-down looking for the right profile whom the message is from. However, this instant messaging option is only for paid members and users can’t make video or audio messages.

Still, the site allows paid users add oomph to their profile account by giving them the special audio profile creation option. Another bonus with the site is that includes a horoscope where it will tell the user if their star is in alignment with anyone else. This feature is both a fun and amusing stuff to read on.

Paid vs. Free Membership

Subscribing to the site for free has a lot of restrictions. While it still allows the user to create his own profile account and launch a search, the unpaid member can’t make correspondences, i.e. by chat, e-cards, or instant messaging.

What’s worse is that sticking to the free site won’t let check out who has been viewing your profile. Friends Reunited Dating sees this as an appropriate measure to take since they are not charging as much as other dating sites.



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