How to Get a Second Date

Ladies,  so you have archived the first hurdle; you got that all important first date with the guy of your dreams.  Now comes the hard part, getting the second date.

I know what you are thinking, “Just let me enjoy this moment.”  Go ahead enjoy it, but also realize that the first date, while fun, is actually an interview for a second date.  How you act, dress, and talk will all be evaluated by that potential significant other.  So let’s go through some dating basics.

Is Appearance Everything?

First and foremost, appearance is everything.  Men are visual learners and visual daters.  If they like the looks of something, then they will come back for more. Chances are you weren’t in your pajamas or bikini when they asked you out in the first place.

Play by the same rules on the date.  Too little sex appeal and they will label you as a buddy, too much and they will label you something completely different; we want a second date not a second rate.  If you know the location of your date, you are already a  step ahead.  Wear something appropriate and yet alluring.

Make sure it is clean and make sure it is you.  You don’t have to buy a new wardrobe and you don’t need to borrow something.  It is far better to go on a date in something that has proven it’s worth, than something that is untried.  Remember, your clothes are just the shiny wrapping to grab his attention.

Be Yourself & Honest

Okay, so you are dressed in your favorite pair of jeans, a pair of heels and a top that shows off a little of your assets.  When he comes to pick you up just be yourself.  I know, cliche right?  But it is the truth.  The majority of men date a girl they know through acquaintances and friends, so why pretend to be somebody you aren’t.

Be honest about your likes and dislikes, but do not be harsh or insulting about somebody else opinion.  Never, ever tell a guy you are interested in his favorite hobby, unless you really are; because there is a pretty good chance if you show an interest in it, that’s what you will do on your second date.

All right, we are getting somewhere. We have location, we have dress, we have common ground.  Now he asks you about yourself.  Stop, think, and then answer.  Do not give your entire life story, including the time Great Aunt Jean thought it would be fun to use her dentures as a paperclip for your science project.

Give out just enough information to figure out if you are compatible.  Don’t be cold or impersonal, just don’t give away the whole story.   A relationship develops slowly, contrary to what modern reality shows may have you believing.

You want him to be interested in you enough to ask more questions and what better time or place to do that then on a…you guessed it, second date.

So ladies get out there and enjoy yourselves, the men are waiting.

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