MatchAffinity Review

Match Affinity: The Personalized Dating Hub for Searching Souls. is more than just a dating site that brings together two different souls. If you think that a relationship would last longer if compatibility is measured not just with chemistry and physical attraction but also with some sort of mental proximity, then the dating site is what you are looking for. achieves this level of mental understanding between two individuals by gauging their disposition in life, core values, and personality.

The Personality Test

Upon signing up, you will immediately be redirected you to a personality exam that encompasses broad topics about personality and attitude to the more vague type that involves images that are used to deduce your subconscious emotions and thoughts.

The test’s questions are formulated randomly and they don’t require strenuous contemplation. The site’s group of psychological experts will be the ones responsible for putting your answers together in order to properly categorize you.

The results of the test will be stored inside the site’s database, so that it will be easier to compare results with possible matches. This practically means that the system will automatically search up another member who is within the same range as your personality traits, outlook in life, and interests. In this manner, unpleasant surprises are minimized.

The Profile Account and Search Features

Completing the personality test makes it easier for the system to create your profile account. Your saved profile information will save the member the hassle of making witty introductions, as the data is already there for ready perusal.

While your profile data becomes a public item, members have the option to choose whom they want to show their photos to. In as much as this is an advantage, blurring up personal images will also not allow you to see others’ pictures unless they opt to let you.

Compatibly searching for a partner is a breeze with You have the option to utilize the site’s advanced and quick search button.  There is one lowdown with this feature however. The results supplemented will only show names with a corresponding compatibility score but less the photo. Still, this score can’t be sorted out based on your personal preference.

While the system will be give you a long list of possible matches, you’ll have to make an extra effort to check them out one by one since it’s fairly hard to come up with a choice by merely looking at names and occupations.

The Contact

Once you come up with a choice, the other member will be notified that you ‘like’ his/her profile and will then be added to your list of favorites. You also have the option to ‘unlike’ the other person in which manner; they will be removed from your favorite list.

Whenever you feel interested with another member, it is your discretion on how to make the extra effort to contact that someone. You could send them an email or invite the person to an online chat. Those who opt to undergo telephone-conversation coaching, the site will only require a minimum fee. Aside from the telephone-discussion, there are also other types of guidance modules that the site offers.

The bottom line is is a fun way of finding the person whom you think shares the same passion, interests, and perception as you have. The disadvantage is that the photo policy restricts unpaid members from ever glancing at images of other members, and even if you are a paid subscriber, you still have the possibility of only feasting your eyes at blurry pictures.

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