Parship Review Increases your Chances of Finding Mr. /Ms. Right?

Parship take delight in its capability to help you find your soul mate based on psychometric and human relationship dynamics results.

The site prompts the member a 15-minute personality test that will scrutinize the attitudes, behaviors, and traits of individual to increase his/her chance of really finding a match.

The Parship Profile

Upon signing up, the site will subject the member to a fun and easy 15-minute personality exam which is helpful in creating in your profile data. The system lightens up the hassle of making an interesting profile account that also original and funny. This is particularly true when it comes to making descriptions of the self. You need not worry about this part since Parship will materialize the hard parts for you.

Like most serious dating sites, Parship aptly responds to those who don’t want to put up their images on their profile account by allowing them to upload a blurred version of the picture. Other members can’t have full access on your image, unless you allow them to.

The drawback of this feature is that it makes it more difficult for a particular member to stand out amidst the sea of other site users. This just means that Parship is serious about its advocate in bridging together two individuals based on their psychological compatibility rating and not on mere physical attraction alone.

More Chances of Finding a Compatible Partner

Immediately upon completing the personality test, the system will automatically suggest other members that it deems compatible with your profile. All the contacts that appear on this list will have a corresponding compatibility percentage, so it becomes easier for you to select your match.

What’s best it that Parship allows you to compare your psychological test results with all other users of the sites, making it easier to find a genuine partner.

The ‘rate this partner’ tool can aid you in taking down important pointers whenever you find someone interesting. This is particularly useful since it’s indeed hard to memorize all those profiles when you don’t have an image to associate it with.

The Search

The system not only narrows down your search the first time you join the dating site, but it also saves the search criteria you used. In this way, the system will automatically add up new people that match up with your preferred criteria.

However, this search option may be a hard feat to do. The screen has no outright ‘search’ button. You’ll have to check it out under the ‘partner profiles’ tab where a link will redirect you to the search screen.

Whenever you find someone that interests you, you can opt to send them an icebreaker or a ‘smile.’ The icebreaker is a kind of short quiz that makes it interesting to get connected with someone the first time as much as it can gauge if you are at par with your would-be date.

You can also opt to skip this exciting step and move on to the more intimate step – emailing and calling the person by phone.

Lowdown and Extra Treat

The downside with Parship is that it doesn’t offer video, audio, or telephone coaching options. It does however give a free 60 page comprehensive personality exam to increase your chances of finding a possible date. While the site doesn’t offer online and telephone coaching, you can receive feedbacks and advices about the result of your compatibility test.

This is feature is actually not available in other dating sites. Parship gives it members the option to confidentially talk with its psychiatric researcher, Dr. Nafsika Thalassis regarding their personality test results.

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