Picking a good Profile Picture

So you are a successful, good looking single who has put themselves out there on an internet dating site, yet for some reason you just aren’t generating the interest you could be.

What’s the problem?  It could be that your profile picture is not doing a good job campaigning for you.

The profile picture is by far the most important part of your online profile; this is the first thing a possible match sees and attraction usually starts visually.  When considering your profile picture it is essentially to keep certain things in mind.

Can you tell it is You?

Your picture should be as recent as possible for your online profile.  Don’t use one ten or even five years old because you put on a little weight or have lost a little hair.  Be honest and forthright and you will have a far better chance finding someone with whom you can deeply connect.  Also, make sure the picture is clear and you are the only one in it.  There should be no confusion on who the profile is for and what you are like.

Headshot or full Body Picture?

The best way to insure a clear picture is by using a headshot.  The old saying, “eyes are the mirror to the soul” holds particular truth among women.  The majority of women find their significant other’s eyes one of the most enticing parts of their anatomy.  Men, however, seem to prefer a full body shot of prospective dates in order to judge style, hair length etc.  Either way you decide to go, make sure the picture is tasteful and that you are fully clothed.

Do You look like Fun?

No one has ever set out to date a person who is moody and brooding.  Your photograph should show you happy, with a smile reaching to your eyes.  Serious and thoughtful snapshots may be wonderful for art class and business bios, but members of the opposite sex want someone who can have fun and make them laugh.

Are You doing something You Love?

If you opt for a full body shot, as opposed to a headshot, then you want the photo’s background to be just as important.  Do not include a picture of you the one and only time you ever went rock climbing, if your favorite hobby is fly fishing.  The amount of information that can be gleaned from a lifestyle picture is endless and will help other members of the site determine if they would enjoy spending time with you.

Remember that whatever picture you decide to use for your profile, it may be your one and only chance to make an impression.  You may decide it is beneficial to get an opinion from a friend you trust.

Ask them to look at your selections and find the one that most completely represents you and your interests.  Just like a fleeting look in a crowded place, you need to make sure you not on, but that you also show yourself to your best potential.

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