Profile Headers that Attract Attention

Whether you have been using an online dating service for some time or just starting out, it is very important that your profile header is engaging and attracting the right kind of attention.

Besides your profile picture it is the very first thing at which other members are going to look. Keep a few things in mind when you are deciding what you should write.

Think Outside the Box

Do not go for the tired old sayings about “looking for that perfect someone” or “are you the one”.  Try to think outside of the box, or in this case outside of the cliche.  Everyone on the site, with few exceptions, are looking for the one; otherwise, they would not have spent time or in some cases money to create a profile.  Write a header that is unique to you without sounding like a bar pick-up line.

If you are the intellectual type, then go with a famous or not-so-famous quote.  Leave the author undeclared and see if anyone can tell you who said it.  Make sure the quote isn’t so obscure that no one will be able to find out the answer. If instead you like mysteries and puzzles, try to incorporate that into your profile by using a word scramble or anagram. Just keep in mind that you will attract the kind of person who will be interested in this type of challenge. Be prepared and think ahead on not only what you want to say but who you are trying to attract.

Your Favorite Song

On the other hand if you are more the fun-loving, easy-going comedic type, then the above methods won’t work for you. Try using  a line from your favorite song, or even a quirky version of dating madlibs;  if you are (adjective) and (adjective), then I am your (noun). Do not be too self-depreciating or offensive; the line, „if you think this site is a joke, then I agree with you“, is not going to get you very far regardless of how serious you may be.

Finally, if you are simply to the point of exhaustion regarding dating, do not let this show through your header. Dating should be fun and intriguing and you want others to think you are just that. Spice things up, think about your favorite romantic line from a movie and twist it to make it your own.  Individuality and personality are going to do far more for you, then a line often quoted by a famous Hollywood heart throb.

Be Honest and Yourself

Whatever you end up writing, make sure that you shine through and that you are honest to yourself and to possible matches.   Also, keep in mind that just because you love it doesn’t mean the other members will too.

If you have had the same header out there for awhile and you just aren’t getting the hits you want or any hits at all, it is time to change things around. Find a witty friend to help you, or ask a relative for a quote that best describes your personality. Change it, tweak it, arrange it, but in the end write something you can live with and not be embarrassed about.

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