Things Men look at on the First Date

Time to tackle the male psyche and ask the all time biggest question, what is it men notice or look for on a first-date. The truth may surprise you!

While physical attraction is definitely important, the majority of men agree that if you are already on the date then appearances have already been taken into account.  Some notable exceptions to this rule are blind dates, set ups and the like.

Understanding Men

True, some men are only worried about a well defined physique, pretty face and womanly attributes.  But these men are normally relegated to the one night stand category and are not often troubled by the detail involved in dating.

Men date to find companionship, whether that be for a short fling or a lengthy commitment.  We are going to look at the things that a long term relationship seeking male would want to see in a first date.

Of the up-most importance is the ability to carry on a conversation in an engaging manner.  It is often repeated that men don’t like to talk.  Nothing could be farther from the truth, men may not enjoy discussing feelings, but they are masters in the art of dialogue.  This is the primary way to get to know a person.

If neither party can engage the other in meaningful discussion about day to day topics, past or ideas, then the relationship will become stale.  And a stale relationship will crumble just as surely as a stale piece of bread.

Just be Yourself

When asked, other men weighed in with the all encompassing subject of health.  Does this person take care of themselves?  This area is so broad that it is necessary to break it down into a few separate arenas.  Personal hygiene is obviously a factor.

Brushed teeth, combed hair and recently showered body are essential to a successful date and go without saying.  But what about painted nails, makeup and other feminine attempts at beautification?  The answer lies in your personal comfort zone.

If you are normally engaged in more masculine activities and decide to get a mani/pedi for the date, this shows you are interested.  Don’t be offended, however, if your efforts are lost on the male object of your affection.  He may not notice the details, but he will appreciate the effort.

Your Physical Well Being

Another aspect of health is physical well being and fitness. Do you smoke, drink, eat only sugary snacks and colas, and need penicillin shots on a regular basis for “unexplained” infections?

While every man has a different idea of what physical beauty entails, all agree that certain behavioral traits are more turn offs than turn ons.  If a date is unwilling to take care of themselves, why should he be interested at all.  Definitely a case of show self-respect to get public respect.

When all is said and done, men should be given credit for being deeper and more future seeking than most would have you believe.  They may be visual creatures initially, but give them a chance and a good first date and you’ll be able to probe those hidden depths.

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