What is Her Body Language telling You?

Men and women differ when it comes to expressing their feelings. Most, if not all men mean what they say and they say whatever they feel straightforward—direct to the point.

Women on the other hand are more subtle and complex most especially when in terms of conversation. It’s very important to understand and interpret what they are trying to say with their body language.

The truth is that women are most of the time giving out obvious body signals that men would find so hard to understand if that they have not decoded these signals.

Her Body Language Explained

There are many ways to tell the message she’s trying to send you and some of the most obvious gestures are listed below.

Direct Eye Contact

You can tell if a woman is interested in you if she maintains direct eye to eye contact with you face to face or even across a room fully packed with people. To make sure that it’s not just an accidental eye contact, give it another two to three instances. If still the same—she’s looking at you straight in the eye, that should be your go signal to try and initiate a conversation and see where their attraction leads you.

She is All Smiles

Focus on her lips. If the girl smiles more often than what you think is normal and spends so much time on making you two smile together, this is a good signal that she is trying to win your attention. You might want to get to know her better by engaging in a good conversation with her.

Watch her Hands

If she playfully slaps your arms or shoulders or trying to simply hold your hand when she talks to you, she’s but showing an obvious sign that she is completely attracted to you. If you try to touch her and she pushes you away but laughing with it that means that the woman wants you to take her out and play. She might make it more obvious by bumping on you delicately or leaning on you for support. If she’s that attractive and she’s showering you with all this attention, you are but a lucky man to consider refusing what she has to offer.

The Woman is Flipping her Hair

A woman who is interested in a man would go flipping her hair and puts her hand on her head to get the man’s attention. If you feel the same way about her, try giving her a compliment—that her hair looks nice or that she’s got a nice hair. Men must know that women love compliments.

What does this teach us about her?

That’s about it for the most obvious body languages that women do to either catch a man’s attention, try to tell a man that she wants him to take her out or that she’s interested in getting to know the man better.

Now that we have decoded the body signals of women, you already know what to do next time. Make sure though that you are not reading too much on her body language. You don’t want to get the wrong signal, right?

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