What not to wear on your First Date

Your standing in front of your closet at seven o’clock p.m. on a Friday night.  What to wear, is the question of the hour.  You have your first date, and whether you be male or female there are a few guidelines you should follow to make a good impression.  Let’s get you ready to go paint the town.

Don’t Wear Pajamas

Never, ever wear anything that could be construed as pajamas.  Sure, you want your date to know you are relaxed and comfortable with the situation; but you do not want them to think that you just rolled out of bed without any worries.

People like to know you took an effort and are excited about meeting them.  This means making sure your hair is combed, your teeth are brushed and that your clothes have not been purchased in the lounge-wear or exercise departments of a store.

I’m a Lady – I’m a Gentleman

Now, let’s get a little more gender specific.  For you ladies out there, you should never wear anything on a first date that would make your own mother blush.   To avoid being mistaken for a high price call girl, you should make sure your clothes fit the way they were designed and that more of you is covered than exposed.

This does not necessarily restrict your wardrobe to those “family gathering” outfits you have stuffed in the back netherworld of your closet.  Wear something that shows a little skin, or hugs your figure slightly; but never both at the same time.

If you are more of a tomboy, try to feminize your wardrobe by adding a decorative belt, nice jewelry, or a pair of heels.  Only on those rare occasions when your new beau decides to take you off-roading is a  unisex t-shirt even remotely appropriate.  As a woman, you should dress as you want to be treated; preppy, tomboy, or girly-girl, your attire will set the mood for the date,

Men have it slightly easier than the ladies, and yet somehow there is always some confusion on what is considered date attire.  Guys, unless you have decided to take your new lady friend swimming in the ocean or fishing on your bass boat, you should never show up on a date in swim-trunks and flip flops.

I will give some leeway to you poor men who live where the summer temperatures are hot enough to fry a small chicken; you and you alone can wear shorts on a first date.  Otherwise, men should wear a well fitting and clean pair of pants and a shirt with a collar.  T-shirts are acceptable if you are still in highschool or a freshmen in college, anyone else should own at least one respectable collared shirt for just such occasions.

Finally, for all concerned it is absolutely imperative that you dress for location and time.  A beautiful evening dress is simply out of place at a baseball game’s seventh inning stretch and slacks won’t do you any good at a rodeo.   At all times, a little knowledge beforehand will save you a whole bunch of embarrassment in the long run.

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