Why pay for a dating site if you can use a free site?

In the current economy, it would seem that people are tightening their belts every way they can. But is it advisable to choose a free online dating site over a paid dating site. While there are many very good free sites on the internet, let’s go over some of the benefits to using a site that requires payment.

Looking for love or just a looky-loo?

When someone is required to input a credit card or bank information into a site, you may help eliminate some of those unwanted posters. Chances are you will find far fewer “midnight drunken” posts on a paid site, rather than on a free site.  Also, for those young teenagers, who just want to see what the rage is all about and how much they can get away with online, it is far easier to use a free site, than to possibly get caught using mommy and daddy’s credit card on a paid service site.

That being said, there is no guarantee that all posters are who they claim to be on any site and extreme caution should be used at all times.  And while paying or not paying may not discriminate against people intentionally wishing to deceive and exploit, it should help weed out the looky-loos who are just trying to be a nuisance.

Employed or unemployed?

As ruthless as it may sound, by enrolling on a paid site you are more likely to find a match who has gainful employment.  A person willing to spend the money for an internet dating site in this market, is a person who has at least some disposable income. Starting a new relationship is fraught with enough perils, without adding the stress of job searching and unemployment to the mix.

Customer satisfaction or customer acceptance?

It is just a fact of business, that a company who charges for a service is held more accountable than someone who gives a service for free.   When you are charged a fee, the company has a certain ethical and legal responsibility to provide you with the services that they advertise.  Although sites cannot guarantee a match 100% of the time, they are required to have a certain set of screening checks and to provide you with the most reliable pathway for achieving your goals.  There are also a few more security measures placed on sites where a credit card and other personal information is given on a regular basis. You will not have the same level of personal protection on a free posting web site.

As you venture out into the online dating world, take stock of all of your options.  See what is the best fit for your needs and your relationship requirements.  Whether you use a free service or a paid subscription site, make sure you do your homework.  Just as you wouldn’t go to a seedy bar on the wrong side of town to find the man or woman of your dreams, don’t always assume cheaper and easier equates to better.

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